3 Tips to boost your followers (in less than an hour)

In the ideal world, you would have lots of relevant followers on social media to help get the word out about your business’ products or services. With these tips, you can do just that, and all you have to do is spend an hour a day - if that. We're going to cover our best tips for how you can grow your social media following.


Schedule posts ahead of time

Make sure you schedule posts in advance as much as you can; Sit down for half an hour on a Monday morning preparing what you’re going to post for the week. You could do this by using a website or app like Hootsuite which uploads them for you automatically at the time you set it (you can even shorten URLs, freeing up character space on Twitter)


Scheduling your posts ahead of time frees up time for later in the week. If something crops up, you don’t have to worry a great deal that you don't have time for your social media accounts, part of it is already complete.
For Instagram, we use an app called Gramblr it allows you to schedule your Instagram posts. The only downside is your machine has to be left on for it to post your photo - this isn’t a problem on Hootsuite. However, Hootsuite takes a bit more to setup Instagram compared to Twitter and Facebook.

Target specific followers

Gramblr screenshot.JPG

Going back to Hootsuite, there’s a plugin it which lets you target specific people, by their location and by what they’re posting. When you find someone using this tool which seems like they could be interested in your company, it’s important that you engage with them. It can be as simple as liking and commenting on their post and maybe giving them a follow.
When using social media in advertising, most people forget the key part is to be social. You wouldn’t expect anyone to make conversation with you and keep returning if you’re not going to talk back to them, so it’s no different here. Communicate with relevant people, this makes them aware of you and also looks good on yourself because people will see that you engage all the time with customers and potential clients.

Bichon groom .jpg

For example one of our clients is a dog groomer, so we target anyone who was talking about dog breeds within particular need grooming. This helped us find someone who was looking exactly that so we engaged with her and she then booked an appointment about a week later.

Follow relevant people

Another thing you could do is go through similar businesses’ followers and start following them; they are likely to follow you back, showing similar interest. Not everyone will follow you back, so it is important to go through a few days later and unfollow people who don’t follow you back so that you’re not following more people than who are following you.


So, to boost your followers try and do these things each day, or as often as you feel they need to be done: schedule, follow and engage with potential customers. You should see your followers and engagement rise quickly when you start following these steps.
If you need any extra advice, please contact us via email at hello@flow.co.uk

Courtney Scarfe

Digital Marketing Assistant

Courtney is our Digital Marketing Assistant who specialises in Social Media Marketing, using sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to market businesses. She has a passion for photography and being creative.