Digital Marketing Strategy is Essential for Business in 2018

A digital marketing strategy is essential for your business to move forward, especially in 2018. As a digital agency, we’ve got plenty of tips to get you planning, boosting your profile and targeting the right people. Get settled in…

Digital Marketing Strategy

Compete with Competitors

In 2018, online services are in huge demand. If your business is not online, you don’t have a hope of competing with the competitors in your industry. If you fail to implement a digital marketing strategy and create your online presence, you are allowing your business rivals to fill that marketplace. If they do that, you will, most likely, lose customers and your market share, and your name will fall behind others in your particular field. Getting online and understanding digital marketing trends are key to help improve ROI.


Typically, traditional marketing is expensive. If you are looking to post an advert in a newspaper, magazine or other channels, you could be spending a large amount of your budget in doing so. Whereas, implementing a digital marketing strategy can be more cost-effective for your business. Digital marketing can be considered cheap when held up against other advertising methods, with free social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. As they are free, you should be using these channels to their full potential; building your customer base and communicating with your already existing clients.

One thing to consider with digital marketing is the ability to reach a wider audience. If you do opt for traditional marketing methods, you are sacrificing a large portion of your potential audience. How many of those clients read that particular magazine? However, with an online advertising strategy, for example, you can target a vast audience, while still ensuring your services are relevant to them.

Increase ROI

As mentioned above, the correct digital marketing strategy can improve ROI. If you are looking to increase online sales, you need to stay ahead of the digital marketing trends and your competitors. With the right strategy in place, you can build and boost your online profile. For example, social media – particularly Facebook – can be used to promote your products and spread the word of your services. In doing so, you build authority and trust to your brand, and increase visibility. You’ll get in front of more people, all relevant to your business.

Understand Online Audience

For a successful company, you need to know who you are selling too. Without digital marketing, it’s hard to locate your audience and understand who they are. An online marketing strategy offers analytical tools to give a clearer idea of your prospects, helping you tailor content specific to their needs (it’s all about keeping them happy).
If you use the available analytical tools, many of which are free (so what are you waiting for…), you can refine your digital marketing strategy, ensuring you only direct your services to those quality leads.

Grow Customer Base

All business want to grow their customer base. That’s a fact. If you build your online profile, you will organically grow. People will come to know your brand and, subsequently, you’ll build trust. We all know how important trust is in a relationship… Hand in hand with growing your prospects is the improved communication. Digital marketing allows for communication channels between you and your audience. They can post on your Facebook page, tweet your company or even comment on your latest Instagram or YouTube video. The more digital channels your customers have to contact you, the more likely to trust you. Over 63% of customers would buy from a brand that displays authenticity, and that’s a stat you can’t ignore.

Adapt to Industry Change

Another one of our digital marketing tips is to adapt to a changing world. Digital marketing trends are changing rapidly, and you need to already have a strategy in place to understand these changes, and what they mean for your company. If your digital marketing is already in place and you are in front of the correct audience, you are at a huge advantage. You will already have the resources to adapt. Digital marketing is constantly changing and you need to have a plan of attack to ensure you are utilising your business to its full potential.

Mobile Phone Use is on the Rise

If there’s one thing we can guarantee in 2018, it’s the use of smartphones will only increase. There are an estimated 10 billion active mobiles today. According to recent surveys, more than 80% of shoppers used a mobile instead of physically shopping to look up products and compare prices, and ignoring these trends means missing out on huge profits. In 2018, you must have a digital marketing strategy that not only accommodates, but uses, these stats to increase ROI.


When it comes to traditional marketing methods, you can’t track who has seen your advert. However, you can track visits to your website with analytics, the reach of your Facebook ads and total clicks etc. with an online advertising strategy. It’s much easier to track online and you can implement changes straight away, rather than trawling through hundreds of sheets of paper to make amendments to your traditional marketing. Although, it’s worth considering combining your digital marketing strategy with offline to extend your reach as far as possible.

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