Digital Marketing Tools Your Business Needs For 2018

There’s no shortage of digital marketing tools available in just one click. However, these days, the sheer number of digital marketing tools and techniques can seem overwhelming. Each tool requires time and investment; something you may not have. We’ve cut it down to a handful of the industry’s finest tools for you to start with.

Our Top Digital Marketing Tools

At Flow, we rely on the best marketing tools to take the weight off your shoulders (it’s fine, honestly). But, if you would like to grow and boost your online presence, it’s worth becoming familiar with the programs designed to do just that.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must for all digital marketers and companies alike. If you don’t install Google Analytics, you are wasting huge potential. The digital marketing tool is essential for looking into website performance, audience demographics and behaviour, popular keywords, traffic and so much more. To create an effective digital marketing plan to conquer your industry, you need to know your audience. Without that precious information, cornering your particular marketing is impossible. On top of that, it’s free. What’s not to love?


Moz Toolbar and Blog

Digital Marketing Tools for 2018

The Moz Blog is a treasure trove of SEO information and blogs that you can read on the way into the office/at home/in the bath etc. Providing regular content on how to improve your business (and life, in general), Moz offers tips, tricks, advice and quirky videos of how to get to the top of your game. They even produce the hugely popular Whiteboard Friday with Rand Fishkin, the co-founder of Moz, sharing tips on how to boost your online presence.
The Moz toolbar can be installed as a widget for the likes of Chrome, and overlays helpful information in the search listing such as Domain Authority and number of links. Handy if you’re doing a little competitive analysis.


In our humble opinion, Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools of today. You can learn almost anything about your competitors from Ahrefs; find out exactly where they receive traffic, their backlinks and what keywords they rank for. The Content Explorer enables you to locate the most shareable content within your particular field, and the Keyword Explorer allows you to research keywords in over 170 countries. A free trial is available with Ahrefs, but you will have to sink further into those pockets for even more info to build your online profile.


SEMRush is dedicated to all things SEO; it’s also one of our best friends. You can use SEMRush to analyse your site and make important changes to boost your site’s ‘digital health’. Likewise, you can look at what your competitors are doing to rival and outrank. Keyword analytics is one of the main functions on SEMRush, and you can unlock keywords to make a real difference to your content to increase your online presence. Not only that, but you can look at how to emulate your competitors link building strategies, analyse your social media stats and measure your results. Of course, all of that doesn’t come free, but SEMRush is one of the most versatile SEO tools in the market.


The tagline ‘Build Relationships. Build Buzz’ has never been more apt with Buzzstream. Research the best influencers in your industry, contact, and outreach to them, as well as manage your brand-new relationship. Designed to make link building a more efficient, yet personalised process, it identifies your desired influencers contact information, manages the communications and, subsequently, link building opportunities, as well as keeping track of the backlinks earned.


Digital Marketing Tools for 2018 Canva

You might not have a Graphic Design degree, and now you don’t need one with the addition of Canva. Providing you with the essentials to create an effective design, or even Infographic, in minutes – Canva is one of the most popular visual digital marketing tools. The simple drag and drop technology is easy to use, along with countless templates for your design. You can also customise your images and create almost anything, relevant to your brand.


HootSuite is a social media marketer’s dream. We are not exaggerating… HootSuite offers consumers the ability to schedule posts and check on all social media accounts, in just one place. You can schedule posts and tweets for the weekend and for the best times estimated to share content and media. For example, this is 1pm to 4pm on Facebook (Mon-Fri), and so on. Set up ‘streams’ for messages, mentions, posts and more.


Feedly is essential for keeping up with digital marketing trends. It’s not always easy producing new and relevant content, especially if you’re in a particular niche industry. However, Feedly is a digital marketing tool for this challenge. Select the topics you are interested in, sort the content by popularity and discover what is most sought after in your market. You’ll stay ahead of your rivals and produce unique copy that is crucial in boosting your business.

Answer the Public

Digital Marketing Tools for 2018 Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a fantastic digital marketing tool and technique to building content for your site. One of the greatest programs for keyword and content research (alongside a cracking homepage; you’ll see what we mean), you can search a simple phrase and Answer the Public will provide you with what questions people are searching for in that industry, to help prepare future content highly targeted for your prospective audience.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a handy little widget that lets you see how many searches there are for any given search phrase, directly in the Google search bar (screenshot). It works perfectly with Answer the Public too, allowing you to see how many searches a month there are for each question, so you can prioritise which topics to post about first.

If you have any questions about our top picks of digital marketing tools and techniques, or fancy picking our brains about the programs mentioned, feel free to get in touch with one of the team.


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