Link Building Tips and Tricks to Improving your Content

Link building, in a nutshell, is the process of securing links back to your website. The more links you have, the more authoritative your website. Therefore, the better your site will perform in searches while building relationships and driving traffic. Links are fundamental to the existence of your brand, and the web.

Why do I need link building tools?

Without the right links, you cannot rank competitively. It’s as simple as that. Links are the primary means of online navigation, directing people to your website and others. Google also considers links as a ‘trust signal,’ and the use of links suggests authority, trust and relevance to your particular site.

Link Building Tips

Valuable content

Content-based link building is what we all strive for. In simple terms, it involves creating a useful piece of content, perceived as an asset to a brand or business, and using this content to gain links. It’s a long-term link building method, but will increase your traffic and build relationships that could be beneficial in the near future. The content can take many forms; infographic, how-to guide, video or even an image gallery.
The content is created to gain links, for you to then reach out to the relevant business or influencers within your industry. Over time and if the content is done correctly, you may not even need to ask for these links, as you’ve already built the foundations to a strong relationship.

It’s worth noting that this type of link building takes time and investment. It requires research, planning and excellent content to organically build links. However, you get what you put in, and producing content that adds value to your target audience’s needs/buying habits etc. is beneficial for your business. It will boost organic traffic, thus improving revenue.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a vast avenue for driving new prospects to your website. You should produce relevant and valuable content on your website or blog page, but guest posting on sites that already boast huge traffic is one of the tried and tested link building strategies. If you create content that is industry-specific and gives you the chance to brand your company as an industry-leader, the next step is to look at guest blogging. This link building tip is an effective way to earn high-quality links and build a rapport with those in your market.

However, guest blogging is becoming increasingly common when it comes to the types of link building. Google has come down hard on marketers that have abused the link building tactic and produced low-quality copy. You should always craft content that reputable sites, with high domain authority, would happily share with their readers. Take a look at our Free Resources to Find Relevant Bloggers post to get a better understanding on guest blogging, and link building tactics as a whole.


One of the greatest (and particularly clever) link building tips is to mention influencers or brands. This type of content is produced with one hope in mind, to play on the ‘ego’ of those mentioned for them to share your content with a link to their followers, or blog. You could do this using many examples; ‘10 key players within ____ industry,’ ‘top wedding blogs of 2017’ and share a short description with each brand or person. In almost all cases, your article should gain the attention of those mentioned. However, it’s unlikely to gain as many links as the other link building tools mentioned above, as you are targeting highly specific markets and influencers. But, you’re building a relationship – and you know we love that.

Do your research before you target the industry leaders or companies, and ensure it is relevant to your market and audience. If you’re targeting the wrong people, it’s a waste; your content will not be shared in the correct place, in front of the right people. Once you have done your research, you can create the idea and look for people and brands that are heavily active. There’s no point in targeting those who haven’t tweeted since 2015 and have 10 followers to their name. After all of that, you can start writing the content. It’s important to remember the reasoning behind this link building tip; you are trying to catch their attention. Therefore, include links to their social media platforms and discuss why you are including them in your post, why they are exceptional etc. Reaching out to people is an integral part of all link building techniques, and you need to contact those you have mentioned, gaining the links and shares.

There is a whole wealth of link building tips and techniques to improve your website, but these are our top tips for beginners. You can get in touch with one of our team to discuss your options for content marketing, or to pick our brains when it comes to link building.


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