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Building links on high authority and relevant websites remains an essential SEO tactic when it comes to growing your organic traffic. At Flow, we believe in a ‘publication first’ approach and concentrate our outreach efforts on earned media. We have great relationships with some of the most influential editors and publications in the country, and we’ve also developed editorial contacts across niche and specialist online trade sites and blogs. We regularly offer them meaningful and insightful content assets which appeal to their audience and, in turn, help us grow our clients brand.

So far this year, we’ve helped clients tap into their target audiences by featuring them in relevant, high domain authority sites within their niche. Along with targeted link building, we diversify  Some examples include:

this weeks links

If you’re interested in seeing how real traction looks in Google analytics, get in touch with us. Many of the clients we talk to worry that their company and industry isn’t ‘sexy enough’ for this approach. However, with a little bit of creative thinking, we find this is rarely the case.

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Robbie Thompson
Robbie Thompson

Robbie has a degree in English and a PG Diploma in Journalism. Prior to joining Flow, he worked in Japan and has been the Editor and Production Manager at a national sports magazine company. In his previous role, Robbie worked as a Digital Marketing and PR/Outreach specialist for one of the largest agencies in the North. Specialising in Content Marketing and earned media, he works closely with the team on outreach, SEO and link building. He has a strong record of successfully and regularly gaining exposure for clients across national news sites, lifestyle magazines, trade publications and blogs.

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