General (Client)

  • Is Flow an agency?

    Nope. Flow is not a marketing agency, an ecommerce consultancy, a web design company nor a development studio. We’re a platform that enables companies to connect directly with pre-vetted, independent, freelance subject-matter experts in the world of online retail. Without all of the overheads associated with agencies, you’re able to access top talent in a more cost-effective manner, with no long-term contracts and no paying for anything you don’t need; just ecommerce experts doing what they do best - helping businesses like yours grow.

  • What kind of experts can I hire?

    Imagine all of the talent you could ever hope to have, to help you build the best version of your online business. That’s what we offer access to. Designers, developers, branding consultants, digital marketers specialising in acquisition, conversion and retention strategies, ecommerce managers, project managers, finance directors, buyers, copywriters and coaches. You name it, and if it’s an ecommerce expertise you’re after, we’ve got it.

  • How does Flow ensure high-quality experts?

    We know that reputation and quality mean everything and that’s why we ensure each and every expert is individually vetted by the Flow management team. Our vetting includes the use of verified testimonials and case studies, portfolio reviews, and proof of relevant qualifications, where possible. We’re also a close-knit community of ecommerce experts, and so reputation and recommendations go a long way. 

  • Where are Flow’s experts located?

    Most of our ecommerce experts are based in the UK, although we do have some further afield in Europe and the USA.

  • How does Flow make money?

    Flow earns a commission on each piece of work delivered by experts using the platform for handling the marketing, business development, relationship management, billing and payments side of things. This allows our experts to focus 100% on helping your business grow, without the usual distractions. Flow is completely free for businesses to use, but we do insist on keeping the hiring of our experts and any subsequent work on the platform.

General (Expert)

  • What kind of expertise does Flow look for?

    We’re always on the lookout for exceptional ecommerce expertise, including people with experience in PPC, SEO, CRO, Shopify development, web design, copywriting, email marketing, social media advertising, ecommerce management, project management and more.

  • What kind of companies can I work for through Flow?

    Once you’re part of Flow, you’ll start to receive suitable matches to pre-vetted, high-quality clients who need help in your area of expertise. Clients could include start-ups, scale-ups and more established brands and retailers, each with a common goal; to grow their online business by leveraging your skills and expertise, for projects as short as a couple of hours, or as long as a few months.

  • How long does the application process take?

    From application to acceptance is currently taking around 2-4 weeks, in order to conduct our reference checks, review any qualifications, gather testimonials and case studies and have an initial discovery session with you so that we can best match you with future clients.

  • Do I have to be from the UK to join?

    No. We’re a location-agnostic platform connecting the best ecommerce talent to businesses who need it most. That said, most clients using Flow are based in the UK, so you would likely need to make yourself available for work during typical UK working hours.

Financial (Client)

  • How much does Flow cost?

    How long is a piece of string? Our pricing is based on your needs; whether that’s something that will take an hour, half a day, a day, a week, a month or six months. The cost will vary depending on the complexity of work required, the amount of time taken to complete it, and the skillset of the expert engaged. You can see some indicative pricing on our expertise pages to give you an idea of what to expect, but we’ll be able to give you a much better guide once we’ve had our initial discovery call with you. 

  • How do billing and payments work?

    Once you’ve accepted a proposal of work from one of our experts, you’ll sign a work order. Once the work is finished and signed off by you, we’ll generate an invoice for the agreed amount. You can pay this via BACS, PayPal or via credit/debit card using Stripe. Flow handles all payment to the experts. 

  • What fees do I pay?

    Clients don't pay to use Flow, other than fees paid via Flow for agreed expert services.

Financial (Expert)

  • What commission does Flow receive?

    Flow earns a 20% commission on each piece of work delivered by experts using the platform for handling the marketing, business development, relationship management, billing and payments side of things

  • How and when do I get paid?

    We invoice clients on completion of work agreed, or monthly if working on a longer term project. Once they pay their invoice (on the terms agreed with you the expert), we’ll process payment to the expert within 15 days, less Flow’s commission.

  • Do you have a referral programme?

    Yes. If you refer a new client to Flow you’ll receive £100 after they pay their first invoice. You can also refer fellow ecommerce experts. Get in touch here to find out more.

Process (Client)

  • How does matching work?

    After you tell us about your business and your requirements, we’ll arrange a discovery call to find out more, and ask some questions that will help us determine the most appropriate expertise to meet your needs. From there we’ll review our network of experts to find the perfect fit, and if their availability suits your demands then you’ll receive an introduction and subsequent proposal for the work.

  • What happens when I’m ready to hire?

    Once you’ve received your match, have reviewed their proposal and are happy to start, you’ll be invited to log in to your very own project on Flow's client and project management system powered by Basecamp, where we’ll manage all communications and project milestones in order to provide full transparency and clarity for all parties. You can sign and upload the work order based on the proposal you received, and the terms associated with working via Flow, and then you and your expert can begin working together.

  • Can I hire more than one expert?

    Absolutely - many projects will require more than one expert. Need a new Shopify site? You might need a designer, developer and project manager. Looking to grow your online sales? Try an SEO expert, PPC expert and conversion optimisation manager. You can hire one, two or many experts at once. We might even recommend a configuration of multiple experts if we think it’s optimal to achieve your desired objectives, and can work within your budget.  

  • Can my Flow expert work onsite?

    We’re a remote-first network of ecommerce experts. That’s something that allows us to keep costs down and quality high, thanks to low overheads and no location constraints on expertise. That said, we recognise that some projects might require some time on site. If that’s important to you let us know and we’ll do our best to match you with someone locally.

  • How do I keep track of the work?

    All work updates, milestones and sign-offs take place within Basecamp, our chosen project management tool. If you’ve not used it before we’ll gladly give you the whistle-stop tour when you get underway with your first project. It’s a great tool for collaboration, communication and transparency. You’ll also have access to a member of the Flow team as an escalation point should you need it.

  • What if I'm not happy with the expert that I'm working with?

    We’re confident that our ecommerce experts will provide you with quality work, on time and on budget, but we understand that sometimes it’s just not the right fit. If you’re concerned with the quality or timing of deliverables and can’t resolve the issue with your chosen expert, you can escalate with us to help resolve the issue. If you are ever unhappy with your chosen expert, we can rematch you with another option from the Flow network.

Process (Expert)

  • How will I win work through Flow?

    Once you’ve been accepted into the Flow network of ecommerce experts, you’ll be eligible to be matched with suitable clients as and when they’re onboarded and require expertise matched to your skillset or experience. The Flow team holds discovery calls with each new client, during which we’ll be asking questions and probing for more information so that we can line-up the most appropriate configuration of experts to deliver any given work. If we think you’re a good match for a piece of work we’ll be in touch to discuss it, to ensure your availability, and give you the opportunity to provide a proposal for consideration. Once the proposal is accepted you’ll be invited to join the project in Basecamp, where you’ll manage all client communications, milestones and sign-offs from.

  • How do I keep track of the work?

    Each project or client will have its own Basecamp project, in which you will find the proposal, a work order and key milestones. All communication between expert and client should remain within Basecamp for transparency and billing purposes. This also helps to avoid scope creep and maintain a high quality of working relationship for both parties. You’ll also have access to a member of the Flow team as an escalation point should you need it.