How to boost Father’s Day sales with a Facebook ad campaign

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s Father’s Day on Sunday June 17th, which means a great opportunity for some extra sales is fast approaching.

Facebook is an ideal advertising platform for raising awareness and inspiring audiences. Unlike Google AdWords, which targets people with a specific purchase in mind, Facebook allows you to reach customers that aren’t even aware of your company or your promotion.

Plus, there are lots of targeting options on Facebook, and the cost per click can be as low as £ 0.01.

Let me share a few tips to help you make the most out of a Father’s Day Facebook advertising promotion campaign.


People scroll through their Timelines quickly; you only have a second to make an impact. The right visual is key to catching users’ attention.

It’s not only important that pictures are visually appealing, but also that they are relevant to the target audience.

When advertising potential Father’s Day gifts, you might show an image of a family, or a man opening gifts.

I also suggest including a strong call to action on the images. If you’re offering a special discount, place the discount code and the saving percentage on the picture.

Alternatively, create a sense of urgency around the upcoming June 17th date. This will encourage people to act quickly, so they’re more likely to convert.



How to boost Father’s Day sales with a Facebook ad campaign

Send the right message

Your advertising copy should have an enticing value proposition. And it’s always good to include a clear call to action — even something as simple as Buy now.

Phrases like Limited offer and Only valid until add an extra sense of urgency to the promotion.


By setting up a custom audience based on data gathered by a remarketing pixel, you can target previous customers/website visitors with your ads. Repeat customers are more likely to buy, which results in higher conversion rates and lower cost per acquisition.

If you don’t have a sufficient amount of traffic, Facebook provides the option to generate lookalike audiences from a very small database.

Make use of offer ads

The Facebook advertisement type called Offer Claims is useful for promotions. The ads look like classic ad posts, but provide a couple of options to specify the offer.

You have the option to set an expiration date, so you can set a time limit for the deal. You can also limit the number of claimable offers — a great way to create a sense of urgency, as consumers worry that they could miss out.

The audience who is eligible to claim the offer can be specified, and terms and conditioned can be attached to the ad.

You can also include a unique redemption link and discount code, which makes it easy to monitor conversions through Facebook.

Keep a close eye on the stats

With limited-time campaigns, you have less time to test and tweak, so it’s wise to monitor click-through rate, conversion rate and other KPIs very closely throughout the campaign.

If you know how users are responding to your ads, you can improve the ads continuously to make the most of the budget available.

For example, if might be wise to pause ads that are not performing well at an early stage and focus spending on those with higher potential return.

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