How to Make Your Social Media a Success for 2018

We’re almost ready to bid a fond farewell to 2017 (we’re not sure where the time has gone either), and it’s time to start planning for 2018. No, we’re not getting ahead of ourselves – if you put the work in for next year, you’ll reap the rewards.
You may be skeptical about social media after creating a Twitter account two years ago, still stuck on 100 followers, but it only works if you put the work in. Plan for results and they will come.
To achieve your goals with social media, don’t create a bunch of accounts without understanding why you’re doing so. Sit down, strategise (with a cup of tea, of course) and identify your social media marketing ideas and goals. We’ve created our top tips for social media success, along with a few campaigns for that all-important inspo.

Social Media Success Tips

Social media is educational, exciting, hilarious (viral videos are our personal favourite) and a networking haven. We’ll not beat around the bush; it takes work to make a successful social media account, and you get out what you put in. However, it’s not impossible – and we’re sharing our top digital marketing tips for your platforms.

You Need a Strategy

How to Make Social Media a Success Strategy

As with most things, you can’t jump in head first. Plan for what you would like to see on your social media, utilise resources available for various platforms, schedule posts ahead of time (Hootsuite is a personal favourite of ours at Flow) and engage. An option is to produce a content calendar and identify the articles/images/videos you would like to share on social media. Have a consistent plan and stick to it; it’s all too easy finding excuses but if you have set dates on when to post, you will.

Be Social

Social media is called ‘social’ for one reason – to speak. Don’t hide behind the business, but showcase your brand’s personality, the team, the workspace; anything that demonstrates there is a human behind the brand. It is ‘social’ after all; make sure your interactions show that your brand is approachable and personable. Share stories that are relevant to your target audience and engage their interests. You can still promote your products or services, but consumers want to believe they are speaking to a person. Around 80% of prospective customers are influenced by a brand that interacted with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Separate your Social Media Channels

We cannot stress this point enough. Each social media channel is different and should be treated as so. Do not fall into the trap of many other brands and believe that content can be duplicated across each platform – it doesn’t work. The social media channels have different followers and demands. Twitter requires quick content that stands out in the masses of Tweets (over 500 million sent each day) and clicks through. You can also lay the foundations for building a community in your industry on Twitter. Instagram needs visual posts that showcase your products and services in the most attractive light, along with short bursts of videos for the likes of Instagram stories. Share relevant, shareable and friendly content on Facebook, as well as videos, and stick to business-focused content on Linkedin.

Find your Customers

Do your research and identify those you would like to target. You don’t have to utilise every social media channel available at once, but build your community and go from there. For example, you can create lists on Twitter of those within your industry, so you know who in particular to interact with. You can even see which social media platform works best for your brand and build upon your social media success and social media marketing ideas from there.

Analyse your Results

Don’t do all the work without any idea of what is working for your brand. The likes of Facebook and Twitter etc. have in-built analytics, to look into your post reach and what is successful, and not so. Keep an eye on the numbers; followers, likes, post reach, shares and impressions. There are also fantastic tools to use for tracking social media data, such as Google Analytics and Buffer.

Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

There’s no shortage of successful social media marketing examples out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top three. Notebooks at the ready, guys…


How to Make Social Media a Success Meet the Bakers

Credit: Keeping up with the Bakers

Storytelling is a huge tool for building your social media following. A successful social media marketing example is Ted Baker’s, #MeettheBakers, set in a Keeping up with the Kardashians-inspired soap. The campaign used a comedic approach on Instagram, using Instagram to create episodes over the course of eight days. The brand also used digital window displays to give shoppers the chance to explore products thoroughly online before buying. Additionally, a 360° non-shoppable film was available to view through Google Cardboard.


Credit: Nusret Gökçe Instagram

You’ll have come across #SaltBae at some point on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The story of #SaltBae demonstrates the power social media holds when used correctly. Food is hugely popular on Instagram and, to expand his culinary empire, chef Nusret Gökçe showcased his ability for salting and slicing meat with a meme-style video, shot in his own restaurant. The result of this clever social media marketing strategy garnered more than 2.4 million views and 8,700 comments, in just 48 hours. He now has more than five million followers on Instagram. While your market may not be in the food industry, this successful social media campaign denotes the power of opting for a unique angle on social media and putting the work in.

Evian Babies

How to Make Social Media a Success Evian Babies

Credit: Adweek

The Evian Babies campaign enjoyed enormous success in 2013, making a comeback this year. Evian promises to ‘awaken the baby inside you,’ and they delivered with a unique Snapchat filter. Enabling you to look at the world through the eyes of a baby, the Snapchat filter was available via a Snapcode on 300 million bottles of Evian. The original filter was accessible on Snapchat for only 24 hours, before it was unlocked for a further 90 days with the code on the bottles. The results proved hugely successful for the brand, with the aim to use the Evian Babies for the next social media campaign.

Stay tuned for our next installation of social media digital marketing tips, and let us know your thoughts on this post.


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