Why Brands are Using Instagram to Connect with Audiences

There’s no denying the power of Instagram today. Instagram is Facebook’s new Facebook, launching the career of influencers, catapulting brands to enormous heights and even allowing fans to connect with celebrities.

Instagram boasts over 700 million active users – it’s much more than a platform to share your breakfast these days (but we still want to see that). With these stats in mind, brands are starting to take notice. In this fast-paced world of social media, if you don’t incorporate Instagram into your marketing strategies, you’ll be left behind. Instagram presents a unique opportunity to showcase your brand’s creativity and expertise, while interacting with your prospective audience. Half of your audience are also thought to check their Instagram feed daily (we know we do…), so this is your chance to show your personality and speak to them without bombarding their inbox with your products or services.

Instagram Marketing Tips – The Basics

We can all know the basics of social networking tips; create unique posts, update your feed regularly, emotionally connect with your audience (everyone loves a cute dog story). But, you’ve got to remember these Instagram marketing tips for business, designed to grow your following.

Show Personality

This one goes without saying, but we’ll say it again. You must show a personality behind your brand, or your audience will move onto the next one. If your industry is not particularly shareable, find an angle that is. Prospective customers enjoy looking behind the scenes and getting to know the team, with the addition of a fun (and relevant) post.


Instagram Connecting with Audiences Flow

Courtesy of Flow Digital… In hindsight, we perhaps eat too much in the office.

Our previous point smoothly transitions into our second (we’re nothing if not smooth). Lift the veil and take your customers behind-the-scenes; you have the perfect tool to do so. Experiment with this type of content with Instagram stories, offering a unique advertising platform to brands. According to Instagram statistics, 75% of users take action after scrolling past an Instagram advertising post. You only get a 24-hour lifespan with Instagram stories, so make sure your post is worth telling.

Offer Exclusives

Another statement that you’ll be familiar with, but we’ll share again; people love freebies (we are one of them). Offering a discount or something exclusive is a sure fire way to gain interaction with your consumers and influence your purchaser’s needs and habits. In turn, they’re more likely to follow your feed and continually look for your posts.

Live Streams

We’re the first to admit we are a little nosy… most consumers are. Entice your audience with a live stream into your business; perhaps even a short clip with one of the team discussing your services? Instagram and Facebook Live are tapping into this ‘online all the time’ market; you can cross promote your event, products or services and build suspense with your targeted consumer.


Working with influencers is the fastest and most profitable method of communicating with the younger generation. Invite an influencer relevant to your industry to take over your account for 24 hours, posting content that adds value to your consumer’s needs. You don’t even need to handover your account information, just ask them to send posts and short videos directly to your Instagram account for your team to handle.

Showcase Products

Instagram, by its very nature, is visual. To showcase your product in its best possible light, upload it to Instagram and remember to add hashtags – 15 is a minimum for interaction. You could even utilise the stories to do so, with a quick 10 second reveal that disappears after 24 hours. The possibilities are endless.

Instagram Best Brand Accounts

There’s no shortage of big players in the industry on Instagram, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top five brands at the top of their industry.


Brands Using Instagram for Audiences Adobe

Adobe takes a unique approach to Instagram, in that they share consumers content. Rather than (for want of a better word) ‘spam’ their users with team pictures of what their products can do, they allow their consumers to share the services. The user-generated content (UGC) is a source of inspiration for those that have yet to use Adobe, while encouraging a prospective audience to use the Adobe suite to create a post worthy of Instagram. What better way to showcase your services than by allowing your customers to do it for you?


Brands Using Instagram for Audiences Canva

Canva is a free graphic tool, enabling those without design skills to create inspiring designs with access to millions of photographs, graphics and fonts. Similar to that of Adobe, Canva allows its users to do the work for them. Using inspiring shots from their consumers, as well as Regrams – the ultimate tool in keeping your Instagram up to date, should you not find something to post that day – Canva’s Instagram feed is well-populated and interactive.


Brands Using Instagram for Audiences Staples

Everyone’s favourite stationery shop knows how to do Instagram. Boasting over 45,500 followers (and following just 27 accounts), Staples continually find new opportunities to showcase their products and service. You can expect the odd notebook, coffee cup, backpack and team pictures, interspersed with Regrams from customers and even a cute puppy. We can learn a lot from Staples; it’s okay to post the occasional ‘viral’ picture (especially if it’s a puppy), as long as you stay relevant to your niche 80% of the time. Who doesn’t love a picture of a cute puppy?


Brands Using Instagram for Audiences FedEx

This one might come as a surprise, but FedEx has their very own Instagram niche. ‘FedEx in the wild’ encourages people to look out for the vans, or planes, in unique areas and submit to the company. They then post to Instagram, with their customers, effectively, doing their job for them. The fantastic, Instagram digital marketing strategy keeps the brand fresh in the mind of their prospects, their feed up to date and popular. There’s a reason the delivery service has over 73,000 followers.


Brands Using Instagram for Audiences Buffer

One look through Buffer’s Instagram is enough to believe they have the perfect Instagram digital marketing strategy for their industry. An example of an Instagram page using ‘Regram’ – Buffer benefits from user-generated content, with #digitalnomads around the world providing the backdrop to their Instagram page. Another string to their active social media bow is their use of Instagram stories, revealing tips and tricks of the trade, as well as behind the scenes content.

Now that we have revealed our Instagram marketing tips, we hope you’re ready to go forward and become #InstaFamous.



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