Will 2018 Spell the Back of Our Favourite Instagram Cliches?

Hands up if you are guilty of an Instagram cliche? Has your porridge, with exotic berries, ever gone cold after making the bed and placing fur throws, and high-end glossy magazines, around the Not on the High Street breakfast tray? Perhaps you even took a selfie while claiming to be asleep? We’re all guilty of it. Sometimes, an account will strike gold with a hashtag or trend, which spans the globe (hello, hot dog legs). However, as we all strive for perfection with Instagram – especially against the update to the Instagram algorithm, leaving 70% of posts unseen – our images can become identical, dull and more than a little cliche. The steady rise of Instagram influencers has contributed to the Instagram cliche, but there are ways to enhance your Instagram marketing strategy and, most importantly, get seen.

2018 Successful Instagram Cliches

Onto the important stuff (and the reason you are here), we are sharing the finest Instagram cliches of the past year. Grab your popcorn and get comfy.


Hot dog legs

Via Tumblr

If you go on holiday and don’t post a picture of your legs on the beach and keep us guessing as to whether they are limbs or food, did you even go? Hot dog legs mania started back in 2013, with more than 42,000 images currently under the hashtag.


Breakfast in bed

We blame the Instagram influencers for this. While these shots do look lovely and often make us wish our mornings were similar, all we can think about are those white sheets and the full cup of coffee.


Not really a cliche, but one of the most successful hashtags to emerge from Instagram, with over 151 million pictures. One of the greatest Instagram marketing strategies of today is to post pictures of food. To put it into perspective, Flow’s Instagram has the most engagement on an image of doughnuts…


Instagram Digital Marketing Tips for Business

Since the launch in 2010 (ever etched into our memories), Instagram has proved wholly successful. Today, the social media marketing app boasts more than 800 million users, which has doubled in the space of two years. Instagram Stories, currently dominating the social media industry, has over 250 million. With so many users, it’s hard to stand out, but we’re sharing our digital marketing tips for business.

With millions of Instagram photos to the cliches (that’s not to mention the out of the aeroplane window shot) – you need to stand out, but stick to your niche. Increase your following on a steady and consistent basis. The more people that come into contact with your brand, the more your potential audience will grow. To ensure you maximise engagement as part of your online advertising strategy, there are several practices you can follow.

  • Keep your account public: This one may be obvious, but your business account should not be private, even if you happen to have a PR scandal. Always keep your account open to expand your reach.
  • Post less frequently: This may go against the grain, but you should always remember quality over quantity. If you post images of value, your consumers have more reason to follow.
  • Timely posts are essential: Look online for the best time to post your content to reach the top of your followers feeds.
  • Engagement is crucial: The more you engage and encourage interaction with your followers, the better chance you have in appearing at the top of their feed.
  • Free tools: Instagram has business profiles, complete with a call-to-action, allowing users to email, call or text the business. The business profiles also boast analytics, or Insights, giving you access to impressions and engagement data.

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Lauren Green
Lauren Green

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